How to Create an Irene Adler Costume

Irene Adler may be the next addition to couples costumes for those who enjoy Sherlock Holmes. With a sequel slated to release around November or December of 2011, the pair may once again become popular. If you are a couple and tired of Tarzan and Jane or Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes is definitely one way to go. Irene with her savvy dressing style can make any lady interested in 19th century period dress want to be her for a costume party or Halloween.


* Silk or satin fabric

* Fabric pattern

* Vintage Boots

* Ladies period bonnet

* Drawstring purse

* Jewelry


Step 1: The materials listed will help you to construct an Irene Adler costume. The picture above depicts the best style dress for the period of Sherlock Holmes. It also represents the look given to Irene Adler in the most recent Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr.

Step 2: Adler’s character is a highly sophisticated dresser. The character enjoys having the finer things, even if she is not the perfect heroine. In fact she is not all that honest, which only adds to the contrast of ladies clothing and profession. Joann Fabrics or Michaels will have patterns and fabric you can purchase. If silk or satin is too much go for a high grade cotton as this will help solidify the look. The pattern should explain exactly how to make the skirt and top required for the dress.

Step 3: Once you have the dress the next move is to get the appropriate accessories. The hardest object to find is going to be the boots. Vintage boots are best because these will give you the right style with buttons. However, you could try to make your own from a cheap pair of high heel shoes. You would need fabric and round black buttons. The fabric would need to fit over your ankles and lower shins and look seamless with the high heel shoes.

Step 4: The bonnet is another item you may have to make from fabric and feathers. Most bonnets from the Sherlock period no longer exist with modern hats. Thus, you may need to find a hat you can adapt appropriately.

Step 5: Now all that is left is to create a matching silk drawstring bag from left over material and add in a little jewelry. Once you adopt the sophisticated air of a 1800s female British aristocrat you’ll be ready to step out at Irene Adler.

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