How to Create an Edward (Twilight) Costume

If the past two months are any indication, the next two will move quickly which means it is never too early to discuss Twilight and the third installment- Twilight Saga Eclipse. You might already have a look for Edward Cullen, but if not consider this idea for Twilight and Edward. Throughout the movies this vampire has had numerous looks based on regular clothing, a little makeup and dark brooding looks.


* Black shirt

* Black pants

* Black shoes

* Vampire teeth

* Makeup

* Hair Gel


Step 1: Creating a vampire has always been pretty easy with the numerous looks there are out there. If you want to pattern yourself after Edward Cullen you will certainly need a more modern look that Dracula and others have offered.

Step 2: It might seem pretty easy to create the character from Twilight, but on the other hand you want to get the look just right.

Step 3: Take a long sleeve shirt with a crew neck collar. It should be black, and fairly new looking. There should be no signs of wear or fading that black shirts can sometimes have.

Step 4: Next you need to find the right pair of black jeans. The costume should mesh in colors. In other words the black shirt should not be different in color from the pants. So no washed out black jeans! You’ll definitely want to compare the shirt and pants to find the matching set.

Step 5: The shoes should also be as close as possible to the black clothing you will wear. Tennis shoes are best since Edward plays a young teen.

Step 6: The most important step is effecting the right skin color. You need to be pale on any part of the body that will shoe. Use makeup to get this look. White stage makeup will not do the trick. Instead go for foundation. Foundation in makeup can be found at a lighter color than your normal skin which allows you to become pale without looking too abnormal.

Step 7: The hair gel is to help you style the proper teen look that has been sported in the movies, but you can also forego this if you wish.

Before heading out as Edward Cullen make sure you have grabbed your Vampire teeth. You may also consider finding a cheap pair of contact lens to change your eyes and be more like the vampire hearts are falling for!

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