How to Create a Wolverine (X-Men Origins) Costume

X-Men has always been a huge success as comics, anime, and live action films. In 2009 Hugh Jackman will again take up his role as Wolverine to star in X-Men Origins Wolverine. The plot is a simple one based on Wolverine’s past. It gives us a little background on him that we have not gotten before. If you enjoy Wolverine as a character you might want to have a costume for the new movie.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fake Hair

* Black Pants

* Belt

* White Undershirt

* Black Boots

* Military tags (fake)

* Wolverine Claws


Step 1: You will need to purchase or make your own wolverine claws which will fit over your hands. The claws will have to remain extended for the costume. You can use various items to create them including sewing some tin foil to tan gloves. The tin foil can then be shaped like claws.

Step 2: The hair is the next step to work on. If you can grow overly long sideburns and wing your hair you will not need the fake hair. However, if you cannot keep in mind theatre makeup shops will have fake hair to get the right look.

Step 3: The next part of the costume will be the clothing. You will either want black pants or blue jeans. This is up to you. In the other movies blue jeans where the typical costume item.

Step 4: The shirt is an undershirt, which you might want to make a little dirty, after all you will be fighting Sabertooth.

Step 5: To finish this part of the costume add a brown belt to the jeans and you are almost ready.

Step 6: Put on your cowboy style boots, which should be black.

Step 7: Now all you need is the fake military tags and you are ready to be the Mutant Wolverine to welcome in the new movie.

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