How to Create a White Rabbit Costume

Alice in Wonderland is being remade for release in 2010. Tim Burton and his usual all star cast will be gracing the screens again offering us some great ideas for costumes. While no costumes from the film have been officially released, you can certainly find photos in which to base your homemade costume on. The White Rabbit is one of the characters Alice runs into during the film, often announcing her presence to the queen.

##Materials Needed##

Bunny Costume

Poker fabric


Trumpet (optional)


Step 1: Visit Joann Fabrics, Michaels, or These three places will help you find the material you need in which to make a bunny costume for the White Rabbit. Do not forget a pattern for the bunny costume. The poker fabric needs to look like playing cards mostly with black and red hearts on it. You may have to look for a little while to find the right fabric. Also obtain a pattern for a tunic with high collar.

Step 2: For the bunny costume you will want to follow the instructions on the pattern. Typically the costume will be a full jumpsuit with a zipper on the front or back. The feet and hands should be covered in rabbit like paws.

Step 3: The head of the rabbit should also be part of the pattern. It should tell you have to create the rabbit ears, and face. Most patterns require that you make a hood leaving your eyes, nose, and mouth for the rabbit. In this case you would need stage makeup to create the pink nose, whiskers, and correct look.

Step 4: The White Rabbit is anthropomorphic meaning he has human characteristics. The tunic you create from the pattern will add to this characterization for your costume. The tunic should have short sleeves and come to the waist. Don’t forget it should have an 1800’s look to the design.

Step 5: The White Rabbit reads a scroll of charges against Alice in the book. You will want to make a fake scroll out of a little bit of paper you age to look yellow. You can also use calligraphy to write a few sentences if you wish.

Step 6: You can carry a fake trumpet or a real trumpet with you. The trumpet is a straight brass instrument for announcements when you look at the past, but if you cannot find one making your own is easy with a bit of paper and glue.

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