How to Create a Valkyria Costume

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the more popular PlayStation Portable games on sale. Play Station has just come out with Valkyria Chronicles 2 for Japan. The USA release will be in the summer. The game was developed by Sega and Hitoshi Sakimoto. The story is one of civil war within Gallia with a rebel group fighting against those in charge. With a story based game there are plenty of weapons and costumes to enjoy of the Cosplay persuasion. Below you will find information on how to design your own Valkyria Chronicles 2 costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blue Fabric

* Black Fabric

* Fake Weapon

* Black Gloves

* Military Boots

* Red Fabric


Step 1: To begin you need to decide the plan for the costume. All members of the Rebel Group have the same costume. It is the hair and faces that set them apart. They are also both female and male in the same costumes, so this one can be used for either. The costume can be created out of a blue pant suit you already own or you can begin from scratch.

Step 2: If you elect to go from scratch you will need a sewing machine, pattern, and the blue fabric. Create a jumpsuit out of this material with long sleeves. You may want to have a zipper in the front or buttons that is up to you.

Step 3: Since the blue outfit needs to look military you will add some shoulder pieces in blue as well as some red stripping. The red stripes should go down the sides of the arms, from the front of the suit and down the legs. The men’s outfits look a lot like they are wearing ties around their neck, so keep that in mind. The woman costume does not have this stripe, but instead two matching on each side of the front of the costume.

Step 4: The black material can be used for harnesses, belts, and other straps on the costume. It can also be used to create armor in appearance only.

Step 5: Black gloves can be found almost anywhere. You can decide on the type of gloves since everything from the most feminine to workmen’s gloves were used to depict the characters.

Step 6: Lastly you need military style boots, preferably those that go up to the knee, but any black boot you can find that has a military style will work.

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