How to Create a Turkey costume?

If you need a costume for Thanksgiving for a school play or a costume party you might consider a turkey. It’s not that hard to make, especially if you visit thrift stores or secondhand shops for the clothing.

Materials Needed:

* Red sweatpants a size larger than what you normally wear

* A tan long-sleeve t-shirt or thermal underwear shirt with the smooth-textured material

* Tan fabric; brown fabric

* Red fabric

* Yellow fabric

* Cardboard; tape

* Safety pins

* Fake eyes


Step 1: Measure enough of the brown fabric to fit around your waist and reach to your knees. Then cut the fabric into a large square and lay it aside.

Step 2: Take two pieces of tan fabric and cut them into oval shapes that are very wide and the top and narrower at the bottom. Cut them slightly smaller than the brown square. Make scallop cuts in the top. Then attach them to the middle of the brown squares. These are your turkey wings.

Step 2: Take the cardboard and fashion it into a cone shape. Tape it together, then cover it with the tan fabric. This will be your beak.

Step 3: Cut a hole in the middle of the red fabric just large enough for your face to fit into. Then put the fabric around your head, letting your face show through the hole. Have someone cut the fabric hanging below your neck in the back to where it hits your neckline but still allows your head to be covered. Have your helper bring the cut around

to the front and stop at your jawline on both sides. Then cut the fabric straight down leaving only a 2″¬ù to 3″¬ù wide rectangle hanging down from the front. This is your turkey head and neck.

Step 4: Cut two square pieces of red fabric large enough to cover your feet. Cut points into the ends of the fabric to resemble turkey claws.

Step 5: Put on the sweatpants and t-shirt or thermal underwear shirt. Then, have someone wrap the brown fabric around your waist so that you look like you’re wearing a skirt. Attach the fabric to the sweatpants or shirt with safety pins.

Step 6: Put the red fabric with the rectangle in front over your head, again so that only your face is showing. Attach ONLY the bottom end of the rectangle to the front part brown fabric around your waist and the rest of the material except for about four or five inches to the tan t-shirt or thermal underwear. This is your turkey neck and wattle. When you bend from the waist, the unattached material will hang down, creating the wattle effect.

Step 7: Cut two ovals larger than the tan fabric used for the wings from brown fabric. Scallop this material, and attach it to the underside of the tan fabric to make wing extensions.

Step 8: Cut a large round circle of cardboard, then cut points into one end. Cover the cardboard with brown fabric, but leave the points exposed. Cover these with red fabric. This is the tail. Attach it to the rear of the sweatpants.

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