How to Create a Tour Guide Costume

My Life in Ruins is a new movie being released on June 5, 2009. Now ordinarily we might not find a costume for every new movie that comes out, but with this particular one there we came up with a great idea. The premise of the movie is Georgia goes to Greece to see the sights, and is missing out on a romantic relationship. She ends up being a Tour Guide, thus providing us with a different costume idea. Whether you are hosting a safari in which you need a tour guide or taking a trip through Greece with your imagination our costume how to might just fit your needs.

##Materials Needed:##

* Black dress shirt

* Black skirt

* Black Pumps

* Blue blazer

* Tour logo

* Black bag


Step 1: While you might think most of the materials needed don’t really show a tour guide outfit, it is the accessories that will set it apart. First you need to find a black blouse or shirt with a collar. This shirt needs to be plain, and not formfitting.

Step 2: The skirt can be a pencil skirt or any knee length shirt. It also should lack any real style.

Step 3: The blue blazer should be cheap. It should almost reach to the thighs in length, have long sleeves, and be pretty ugly in a fashion sense. To the blue blazer over the left upper chest the tour logo you choose should be ironed or sewn on. The tour logo can be anything from a trip you may have taken to something you design.

Step 4: The tote bag needs to have a camera, first aid kit, and all essential personal items you might normally carry in a purse. The bag should be non- descript with the tour logo attached.

Step 5: Lastly adding a pair of non- descript black pumps will complete the outfit.

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