How to Create a Superhero Mickey Mouse Costume

Disney is releasing a new action figure that has us all excited with how to ideas for you. If you are ready to meld two of the most popular costumes then you have come to the right place by Uniting Mickey with Optimus Prime. So how are we going to go about it? Well let’s see what materials we need first!


Black jumpsuit with long sleeves

Black fabric

White paint

Yellow fabric

Orange fabric

Red material

Fake eyes (blue)

Orange shoes

Mickey Mouse ears

Ski mask


Step 1: You will want to wear a black jumpsuit with long sleeves underneath the rest of the costume. This suit should be formfitting, yet comfortable. It will be Mickey’s basic body.

Step 2: Take the orange fabric you have found at to create the pumpkin body. It should be slightly round, with a green top, black eyes, and mouth. You can also add yellow fabric to the bottom of the pumpkin with a ghost like Transformers symbol. The orange fabric should go part ways down your arms. Basically the transformer body is going to look like a pumpkin. You can even make it more block like.

Step 3: Once the pumpkin is down you can begin on the bat wings. The bat wings should hook to the back of the costume, and have white spider webs on the front of the wings.

Step 4: For your shoes you need orange shoes. You will then take the two large fake eyes and two small fake eyes you found that are blue eyes and glue them on to the front of the shoes.

Step 5: The last thing to do is create the head. The ski mask works well for this. It will cover most of your face, to give you black skin like Mickey and the Transformer.

Step 6: To the ski mask glue two red round pieces of fabric above the eye slits. This will give the transformer eyes you need.

Step 7: Lastly place your Mickey Mouse ears over the ski mask.

Now you are Optimus Prime Mickey Mouse! You can race to the rescue of fellow compatriots to save the world from the Decepticons or enemies of Mickey. For reference see the photo of the action figure.

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