How to Create a Spud Costume

The ever popular spud is a staple of your Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes spuds come in mashed potatoes, but for this spud-a-licious costume mashed potato form is not applicable. For the Spud costume you will instead want a full potato that might remind you of a baked potato you’d have at Thanksgiving. It offers one of the simpler costumes to create.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown material

* Black material or magic marker

* Sewing machine

* Thread

* Brown leggings

* Brown shoes

* Stuffing


Step 1: To begin with you will need brown material. If you can find some speckled material that looks more like potato skin that is great, otherwise you will need black material or magic marker to form the spots. You also don’t want the potato to be completely even. For example you might have a deformed area to create a more potato like appearance. The Spud should cover your head, so arms, legs, and face should have holes.

Step 2: The stuffing is going to help you create the actual spud. It will give it definition. Your other option is to use florist wire to get the shape you want. However, stuffing might be more comfortable.

Step 3: After the spud has been created you need to think about the other areas that might not be covered by the potato appearance. You will need a long sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes that are brown in color to keep the spud appearance.

You can modify the spud as well for example you might use white material, with green and yellow for an open spud baked potato. The green can be chives while the light yellow can symbolize butter. With your many options for spuds you will not get bored making the costume.

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