How to Create a Snoopy Pilgrim Costume

Snoopy is perhaps the most famous dog in cartoon history. Well he is at least one of the most famous since there is Goofy, Pluto, and Clifford to also choose from in that list. However, the point is almost everyone you speak to will know who Snoopy is and even recognize the Thanksgiving Cartoon special that is on ABC every year. This year if you are having a costume party, in honor of Thanksgiving, you might elect to grab a slightly different costume, instead of the same old Pilgrim. Our costume idea is to use Snoopy and make a Pilgrim out of him.

##Materials Needed:##

* White and Black Fabric

* Construction Paper

* Glue

* Top Hat

* Black Shoes

* Sewing Machine


Step 1: Before constructing a pilgrim you will need to create the Snoopy costume. Begin with a dog pattern and fabric from or The dog pattern will help you create a jumpsuit complete with paws and hood. You should go for a beagle costume pattern so that you get the Snoopy ears and tail right on the costume.

Step 2: Now that the dog is completed you can begin to add clothing. This is where the black fabric will come in. You have a few options. You can wear black pants, white shirt, and a black dress jacket or you can create a cape out of the black material.

Step 3: With the construction paper and glue you need to fashion three gold buckles: two for shoes and one for the top hat.

Step 4: The dress shoes should be black and mirror the century you are trying to emulate. However, if that isn’t any option go for any dress shoe.

Step 5: The top hat also needs a gold buckle glued to it and once you have that on you are almost ready to go.

Snoopy Pilgrim would not be complete without Woodstock, so do not forget the little guy!

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