How to Create a Sherlock Holmes Costume

According to the news Sherlock Holmes will be on the big screen again in a sequel to the 2009 film. For those who enjoy the ultra smart and witty Sherlock Holmes and his interesting relationship with Irene Adler it could be the perfect time to start thinking about the next costume contest for couples. You may find Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler are better suited to win than the typical Tarzan and Jane. The costume outlined below is similar to one of the costume looks from the 2011 Sherlock Holmes Sequel. You can of course go for the original version of plaid overcoat and matching hat we have seen before.


* Westcott (vest)

* Knit black pants

* Dress shirt

* Black overcoat

* Period shoes


Step 1:Sherlock Holmes is a dapper dresser, which means you need to find the best materials to recreate the look. You can purchase items or use items from your own closet. You can also decide to use fabric to create the appropriate look. It is best to get a pattern and build from material in order to recreate the perfect period costume; however, to save money and time you might see what you can adapt in your own closet.

Step 2: The Westcott or vest should have four buttons and be reddish brown.

Step 3: The dress shirt should be a dirty white or green, the color choice is really up to you. A regular 21st century shirt is not going to work without some adaptation if you want to be completely original.

Step 4: For the pants they should be formfitting and knit over other types of material since cotton was mostly used in the 19th century. Any dress pant may be enough to make the costume look alright though.

Step 5: For the shoes you will need to find something like wingtips or another dress shoe that could pass for the shoes of earlier centuries. Add in a little muck and some wild hair and you could fit in the new movie!

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