How to create a sheep costume?

Sheep and lambs can be very important to the Christmas scene. You also have camels and horses. This year if you want to be a part of a Nativity scene or just have in interesting Christmas party costume, you should consider a sheep. A sheep also makes are really great costume for children. It will keep them room and they tend to look very cute.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fleece fabric

* Black fabric

* Pink fabric


Step 1: You can get a pattern to create the sheep. However, before you get the pattern you really need to consider the material you buy. It should be an off white color to match the sheep’s fur. Fur on a sheep tends to be soft. On a costume it is fleece like or cotton like. The costume should have rolls of fur on it rather than being just a white fabric.

Step 2: The black fabric will work for the hooves. You should have black hooves for the hands and feet. You may use black gloves and shoes, but making the hooves is more appealing to most.

Step 3: You sheep pattern should come with a design for the head. You may end up using your own face or having the entire head as a sheep. Either way the head will need to have sheep ears, with a touch of pink in the center.

Now that you have the costume you are ready to go out and have a bit of fun.

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