How to Create a Scotty (Star Trek 2009) Costume

The first engineering officer Montgomery Scott, affectionately known as “ÀúScotty’ was an integral part of the USS Enterprise. Scotty will reappear in the May 2009 release of Star Trek. He will still be on hand to “_ìbeam me up Scotty”¬ù as Kirk always said. Many times over the years, Scotty was the true hero when he beamed up his fellow crew members before disaster could strike. Star Trek characters make great costumes whether you are welcoming in the new movie or going to a trekkie conference. We have a few how to steps to help you make your Scotty costume a winner.

Materials Needed:

“¬¢Red long sleeved shirt

“¬¢Black mock turtleneck shirt

“¬¢Black spandex pants or similar style

“¬¢Black boots

“¬¢White enterprise logo patch

“¬¢Star Trek weapon


Step 1: Finding the materials needed, will not be difficult since they are sold in most stores.

Step 2: To begin you will need to find the enterprise logo patch. These can be found online at auction sites or Star Trek fan sites. The patch should be iron on to make it easier.

Step 3: Iron the patch on to the left side chest of the red long sleeved shirt. The shirt should be knit.

Step 4: Before wearing the red shirt, put the black mock turtleneck on. This will give you an appearance of a black collar without having to sew one on.

Step 5: The pants can be knit or spandex whichever is more comfortable for you. They should be slightly form fitting and black. No pockets are necessary.

Step 6: The black boots should be mid calf in height. They can be any boot you find in a thrift store or other store.

Step 7: Grab your Star Trek weapon the “_ìphaser”¬ù and head out to your costume party. Scotty is now ready to save his fellow ship mates from the horrors of Nero.

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