How to Create a Satyr Costume

Mythology whether Greek or Roman will have monsters, creatures, and interesting ideas that give us costumes. The Saytar is one that has already been of interest. The Lightning Thief may have reanimated the Saytar for film, but we have seen this character numerous times in film and television shows. A Saytar is a half man half goat creation. The lower half is goat, while the top looks normal. Some Satyrs have had elf ears, but others have normal ears and face. It will be up to you to design your exact look, however we will give you a start.


* Fur Fabric

* Foam

* Rounded Shoes


Step 1: The Saytar is perhaps one of the simplest Mythological creatures because it is half man. You have the option of bearing your chest or covering it with a shirt. Most film Saytars are always without clothing. However, some have added a scarf.

Step 2: Shopping for fabric is easy if you know where to look. is one fabric store, as well as What you are looking for in fabric is a fake fur of brown. It should look shaggy just like a goat’s hair would normally be.

Step 3: Once you have the fabric you are able to build the correct look. You should make a set of pants, with thick upper legs. What you should also realize is that the Saytar offers a different bend in the leg. You need the knee in the right place, but you also need another break. Use the form to get the right shape of the legs.

Step 4: After the legs are created properly you are able to add the hooves. You have a couple of ways to make these. You can go with blocks or wood or find some rounded shoes you can cover up to look like hooves.

Step 5: Now your costume is complete. However, you can also add shaggy hair and a bit of scruff to your face if you wish.

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