How to Create a Pumpkin Costume with Style!

Halloween II has just hit theatres and I decided to come up with a new way to have a Michael Myers costume with one of our top favorite costumes the pumpkin. Each year there is a Halloween Festival in our town. It’s called the pumpkin launch where they take mechanized and non- mechanized equipment to launch pumpkins across the field. Every time I go they have a pumpkin carver who creates faces, pets, and your typical symbols of Halloween on pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns. This idea gave me the Michael Myers Pumpkin costume. Below are materials and an explanation on how to make it.

##Materials Needed:##

White Fabric

Orange Fabric

Green Fabric

Yellow Fabric

Sewing Machine

Matching Threads

Black jumpsuit

Michael Myers Mask


Step 1: To begin you will need a pumpkin pattern and the fabric which can be found at stores like or You will have a choice between a sexy pumpkin or a more traditional pumpkin. It is your choice.

Step 2: Once you have the pattern you can start creating your pumpkin. Follow the instructions on the body and hat. The green and orange material will be used for this.

Step 3: After the pumpkin is complete you will begin to modify it. You have two choices here. You can recreate the Michael Myers face in white fabric, with a yellow background as the light. You would sew this onto the front of the pumpkin like it was carved there. Your second choice is to use the face mask, create a hood with orange and yellow to continue the pumpkin up from the body. This gives you your real face to make the center of the pumpkin.

Step 4: The black jumpsuit or pants and shirt allow you to be fully covered, since the pumpkin costume will not do this for you.

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