How to Create a Parade Float Costume

The Parade Float Costume will be a hit at your next party and it is easy to make. You won’t be able to find a pattern for the parade float, which means you really need some direction. The idea behind the parade float costume idea has come from the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. They have many floats, balloons, and other costumes to celebrate the holiday and of course Christmas. To show your holiday spirit for Thanksgiving or Christmas the parade float costume will be one of the most unique.

##Materials Needed:##


* Cardboard box

* Black paint

* White paint

* Suspenders

* Lego men or toy people

* Toy buildings or Legos

* Toy vehicles

* Toy picnic tables or toy flatbed trailer (cardboard can be used here)

* String or twine

* Staples or tape

* Tissue paper

* Sticks


The balloon is going to be you as a person, so you want a costume that is easy to make, but that fits into your Thanksgiving theme. A turkey head, snoopy or clown, or whatever your imagination can come up with will work. The materials offered here are for a turkey head.

* Brown material

* Yellow felt

* Orange or Red felt

* Brown felt

* White felt

* Pattern

* Brown turtle neck sweater


You will want to make the float part of your parade costume first. This is the most intricate part because of the gluing and taping that will need to be done and set before you do the rest. The card board will need to be cut out first to create the street. The cardboard probably doesn’t have to be too much wider than your hips, but you will need a hole for your hips to fit through. The cardboard needs to be heavy duty, but if you don’t have that option dowel rods will help reinforce the cardboard. The idea is that the cardboard is stiff and street like.

Paint the cardboard black and once dry, add the white and yellow lines of a typical street. Then you can start adding the people, buildings, and cars. The cars are needed to pull the floats that are on the street below the balloon. You will need spectators as well as balloon handlers. The balloon handlers will be holding the strings attached to your shoulders. You will also want strings in the back.

Decorate your mini floats as your imagination desires. The tissue paper can be used for the floats as well as to hide tape, glue, and to make trees. You should have at least one float in the front and one in the back. If you have enough toy people you could do a band instead of a fake float.

Once the float has been completed on cardboard you need to use the pattern you find and create the turkey head. The turkey head will mostly cover your own head, and the brown turtle neck will be the body.

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