How to Create a Night Fury Dragon

With the release of How to Train Your Dragon, it is a cinch to say that dragon costumes will be in this year. The film may not be of Avatar of Alice in Wonderland hype, but it is nonetheless a great kid’s film with plenty of dragon costumes. A Night Fury is the top dragon in the film and already there are pre-made costumes to purchase. If you want the reward of making your own we have the steps for you here.


* Black Fabric

* Brown Fabric

* Sewing Machine

* Pattern

* Wire


Step 1: Creating your own Night Fury costume will require a stop at any online or brick and mortar fabric store. Wal-mart, Michaels, and Joann are a couple of places. You also have or for shopping. At these places you should be able to find the fabric, sewing thread, and patterns you need.

Step 2: While you have a pattern for the dragon things will need to be modified a bit. First the Night Fury has front and back legs that are the same length, and a very long tail. This dragon walks on all fours and has a flatter body than most dragon costumes. This means it doesn’t have to be rounded with bunting.

Step 3: The entire dragon is black, so you need the material for the full body, tail, arms, and its horns. You also need to create scales for the tail.

Step 4: Make sure you get enough fabric to create the wings. With heavy duty wire you can have the wings lay flat or spread out from your body. The wings will be formed much like a kite with an out structure bolstered by support wire. Wood could also work for this.

Step 5: The brown material is for the harness and tail section that was broken. This way you have a Night Fury your Viking Hiccup can ride!

Use your face along with a little black material to create the head of the Night Fury

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