How to Create a Medusa Costume

The Lightning Thief is being released in theatres on February 12, 2010. This new film is bringing us back to a time of Demigods, Gods, and Goddesses with a twist. The characters will be in the present, and yet be based on the old mythological characters like Medusa. If you have a costume party coming up or just want to get ready for Halloween you might consider our how to on Medusa costumes. We are offering you materials, and instructions to help you create a monster costume to be remembered.

##Materials Needed:##

* Grey or Green Fabric

* Pipe Cleaners

* Florist Wire

* Cardboard

* Foam


Step 1: Before you can begin any project you need the necessary materials and tools. You will need a sewing machine, thread, and the materials listed above. You can find a lot of the materials at your local fabric shop or online at or When choosing the green or gray fabric you need something that resembles snake scales.

Step 2: The fabric you buy will need to cover your entire body, if you want to look like the costume above. You could also go for a more traditional look with a toga, so a simple sheet of gray or blue could be used for the body. Still you need to create the Medusa headdress with the scale like fabric.

Step 3: The Medusa headdress is based on hair that is live snakes. Without a great deal of expense in electronic snakes, you are better off with the florist wire and pipe cleaners to get the snakes formed. They should be at least a half inch thick, and of various lengths. You want to be able to place the snakes in a variety of positions rather than having the heads all facing the front.

Step 4: Once the snakes have been devised you can begin to work on the rest of the costume accessories. If you go with the traditionally dressed Medusa in a toga you would need to accessorize with jewelry. You can choose anything that would fit within the mythological era.

Step 5: To add to the costume further you should have a stone or fake stone statue. If you will recall Medusa was able to turn people to stone with her stare.

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