How to Create a Mad Hatter Costume

Alice in Wonderland is a time honored classic. Disney and Hollywood have offered their spins on a delightful tale in previous years, and now Tim Burton is adding his own twist, with his usual top star cast. Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter, and you can bet his costume will be magnificent.

If you want to design your own Mad Hatter we have a few ideas for how you can make it superb. A thrift store or secondhand shop is often a great place to find deals, so if you do not have a tuxedo or business suit that you can use, you will want to look in one of these places.

##Materials Needed##

Tuxedo or Business Suit

Top Hat

Red Wig

Pocket Watch



Step 1: Depending on the movie you’ve seen (for example, Walt Disney’s “_ìAlice In Wonderland”¬ù, the tuxedo or suit has been black with a white shirt, but you can decide to mix up the suit with something a little different, if you wish. You can choose another color all together, such as purple, or you can mix and match suit and shirt colors.

Step 2: A suit is fairly easy to design, so it is the accessories that really make the Mad Hatter costume. For the head you will want a curly red wig, much like a clown would wear. On top of this wig, you need a tall top hat. The color should match the suit. Since most are sold in black, you might have to find material in order to re-cover the hat.

Step 3: To finish the area about the shoulders you may want to use theatre makeup. In the new movie, the Mad Hatter is adding a bit of white makeup to the costume.

Step 4: The shoes for the costume need to be dress shoes, nothing spectacular, yet they should match the suit.

Step 5: The pocket watch can be a toy. It should be gold in color, and attach to the suit appropriately.

Step 6: Last you need a cane. This cane should have a silver or gold head to it, but otherwise it can be black.

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