How to Create a Funny Turkey Costume

Not everyone loves clowns. Some people have a fear of them, but that is a small minority, so what better way to make a funny Turkey than to make it a Clown Turkey. Below you will find the information you need to Turkey up your Clown!

Materials Needed: * Oversized Clown shoes

* Oversized Clown Pants

* Red, Gold, and Orange Shirt

* Red and Brown Fabric

* Face paint, brown and black


Step 1: To begin with our Clown Turkey you need the right look. You will want to start out with your clown outfit. Many clowns have their own personality, so you might already have a clown costume you can work into your turkey look. If you do not begin with oversized clown pants. The pants should be autumn in color meaning red, brown, orange, or a variation of all three. The typical Turkey has red legs.

Step 2: The shirt can be regular sized, oversized, or something very silly. Even an “ìI Brake for Turkey’s”¬ù or “ìWhy Did the Turkey Cross to the Other Side of the Road”¬ù shirt will work. You will want it to be slightly crazy with autumn colors to enhance the look.

Step 3: As always a silly clown needs some silly shoes. The best shoes are those that are oversized and red, but really any clown shoe will do. If you can find a clown shoe in the shape of a Turkey foot that would be superb. You could also make this type of shoe from fabric you get at or

Step 4: Use the red and brown fabric to make feathers out of the material. Use “_ìpinking shears”¬ù (they have a special blade that makes triangular-shaped cuts) to cut out ovals that are narrow at both ends and wider in the middle. Attach the feathers to the back of the costume.

Step 5: Use the red fabric to make the “ìwattle”¬ù. Simply cut a rectangular piece and “ìfan-fold”¬ù it, then attach it to your clown suit collar.

Step 6: Use brown face to darken your face, and draw a black beak on the upper and lower parts of your lips.

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