How to Create a Final Fantasy Squall Costume

Squall has had a number of different looks depending on which video game you have looked at recently. If you want to create a Final Fantasy Squall from volume XIII you might like the look we have here. It is a bit on the complicated side, but we have offered you some steps to really create a cool costume in the cosplay image. You can also go for his other looks if you wish.


* Metal

* Torch

* Red Fabric

* Black Fabric

* White Wig (short hair)


Step 1: This Squall costume as we mentioned is a little complicated. You may not have the knowledge to use a torch to make your own armor, and if that is the case you can substitute the metal and torch required for metal like fabric.

Step 2: With metal you will need to fashion the leg armor as you see it in the image above. Rivets can also be used to create the metal boot armor. Of course if you are using fabric you just need to get a silver like fabric from From this fabric you need to stagger the pieces to look like the armor. Once you have the boots, you can work your way up to the rest of the leg armor which goes over the knee.

Step 3: You also need to use the metal or silver fabric to create arm bands, gloves, and a vest of metal.

Step 4: Underneath the lower body armor you need black pants with a red fabric at the waist. This can also be made fabric you purchase at or out of pants you already have.

Step 5: The last thing you would need is the medallion in Squall’s chest. You can use a piece of jewelry you find at a store or if you have the talent create it from scratch!

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