How to Create a Final Fantasy Lightning Costume

Lightning, who was originally called Eclair Farron has reappeared in Final Fantasy XIII, and will most likely be in version XIV. The latest Final Fantasy has yet to be released, but an announcement was made of the impending Fourteen! If you are as excited as many others you might want to recreate your Final Fantasy Lightning Costume in honor of the new video game. Lightning is on a mission with Cloud and Squall from the other series. Below we have a few steps to help you create this character for your next Final Fantasy Party.


* Green or Tan shorts

* Tan Short Sleeve Jacket

* Green Zipper Shirt

* Blue Gloves

* Red Cape

* Fake Sword

* Boots


Step 1: The image above will help you see what the costume for Lightning has to look like. You have a couple of options for creating this costume on your own. You can visit a thrift store in hopes of finding the items listed above or you can start from scratch. If you do this second method, you will need a sewing machine and fabric from a store like Also do not forget the pattern!

Step 2: Begin with the shorts. They should be military in color and rather short, with a leather belt.

Step 3: The shirt should actually be a tank top with no sleeves. It will need to have a high collar with a zippered front, which is typical of cosplay costumes. If you can find the right shirt in a thrift store it may be easier.

Step 4: The jacket is more like a vest with a collar and white and tan fabric. It should have hooks to keep it closed with a belt and tan pockets.

Step 5: For the arms you will want black arm bands and blue gloves without the fingers.

Step 6: To continue making the costume you will want to fashion a red cape that hangs from the shoulder armor. You can make the armor from fabric as well, as long as it is metal in appearance.

Step 7: As you continue making the costume you will need a sword as a weapon. The sword should be fake and rather long like the weapon in the video game.

Step 8: The boots should be military in style if you do not want to make your own. So a platform boot, with laces will work just fine.

Lastly, you can add a couple of different accessories like a bag to hang at your waist for weapons and other tools you might need to fight with. Lightning is also red haired requiring you to have a Cosplay wig to finish off the look.

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