How to Create a Cinco De Mayo Costume

Cinco De Mayo is coming up quickly, especially as it edges towards the middle of April. May 5th is a Spanish holiday celebrated in Mexico and which we have a few different costume ideas one could use. This particular Cinco De Mayo look is for women, though men can also find a costume idea since they would need to be dressed as mariachis or in a typical Spanish costume. For the woman we are offering a flamenco costume.


* Bright Fabric

* Gold Jewelry

* Sewing Machine

* High Heels

* Ribbon


Step 1: The first step will always be to find the fabric and other materials you need in order to make the costume. You have a couple of options either shopping in a local shop or heading online to or Both sites will sell fabric, patterns, and other necessary sewing tools.

Step 2: The color of the fabric will be up to you. It can be pink, red, yellow, etc. The main color should be a bright fabric and then a couple of other colors such as white, blue, green, and yellow.

Step 3: The dress needs to be made out of the brightly colored fabric with layered skirts, which are tight on the hips. The skirts should be extremely lose to help with the dancing the costume is meant for. The top, however, can be tight fitting in a long sleeve or short sleeve style bodice. The neck line should be all the way up, so that no neck is revealed.

Step 4: To the skirt the white, blue, and other fabric should be sewn on. It needs to be on the bottom a good four inches in size for the hem. It helps make the look more bright and entertaining.

Step 5: After the dress is completed you can move on to accessories, such as the gold jewelry and beaded necklaces which should fit in with the Spanish costume.

Lastly, use some ribbons in your hair to create a beautiful hair piece and complete the look!

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