How to Create a Centaur Costume

Centaurs are Greek Mythological creatures used in a number of different stories and films. Harry Potter books and movies had Centaurs, as well as the new Lightning Thief film. A Centaur can make an interesting costume if you wish it. They are half man and half horse. The upper body is left as human, but the lower section is horse.


* Brown Fur

* Bunting

* Fake Horse Hair

* Hooves

* Sewing Machine


Step 1: A Centaur can be created by two different methods. If you wish you can make the Centaur a two piece costume in which you have a partner or you can have it as a one person costume.

Step 2: The simplest way to create the Centaur is as a one person costume. You would have only half of a horse for a lower body. In other words you would need to create pants in the form of a horse like body. With fake brown fur material you would create to horse’s legs, with a small rump on the back side with horse tail. The hooves would then be your feet, made of a rubber or shoe like material.

Step 3: The bunting can be used to create the rear of the costume adding a little padding. It is an easier costume to walk in. The materials can be found at

Step 4: If you want a full horse body as the centaurs are usually depicted, you could create the horse body, with bunting inside to keep it up right. This however is a little harder to walk with. You might consider string to get the legs to move with you as a horse normally would.

Step 5: The other option of having a full horse body would require a second person inside the costume.

Step 6 Centaurs are often warriors or thinkers depending on which story you believe. If you want to go for the warrior appearance, you might create some armor with fake leather to be worn on the upper body.

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