How to Create a Bulma (Dragonball Evolution) Costume

Bulma is one of the Dragonball characters from the hit anime. Her character will be shown in the new movie Dragonball Evolution, which will be out in 2009. If you are a Dragonball fan and need a costume for your next costume party consider Bulma.

Materials Needed:

Black Leather Jacket

Purple Shirt

Purple Shorts

Brunette Wig

High Heels


Step 1: It should be easy to find the costume materials listed above at a thrift store or even your closet. Bulma is perhaps the least complicated outfit from Dragonball. She tends to follow the fashions as long as the clothing is purple!

Step 2: The main part of the costume will be a purple shirt, suggestively low, with a long length. In fact the shirt should sit just below the hips. Then shorts or a skirt can finish this look.

Step 3: A brown or black leather belt should go over the shirt.

Step 4: The leather jacket will need to be left open, and should have a collar. It can be as simple or complex in style as you wish.

Step 5: The heels need to match the rest of the outfit. You can decide on boots or regular heels.

Step 6: The last item you need for the costume is the hair. If you already have long brunette hair it should be set up into a top ponytail. Otherwise any wig you choose will need to have it in a ponytail style.

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