How to Create a Benjamin Button costume?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of the newer films in theatres soon. The movie is based on a baby that looks very old, and as Benjamin actually lives he begins to look younger and younger. For any costume party you might consider that Benjamin Button is a real family affair. After all you could have your baby, yourself, and other family members dress in the stages of Benjamin Button life, or you could just choose one important costume from the movie. Benjamin Button was born in the 20’s which means any costume from that time period to the 90’s would work. We have a couple of suggestions for a costume below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Leather bomber jacket

* Khaki pants

* Brown loafers

* Short sleeve white dress shirt

* Blonde wig


Step 1: The costume we have chosen to outline is one in which Benjamin Button is more youthful in appearance, so you needn’t alter your face with makeup. You will want to have a blonde wig, with short cropped hair.

Step 2: The khaki pants and shirt can be casual business style. You probably have something in your closet that will work or you can visit a thrift shop to find some clothing for your costume. It should look fairly worn in.

Step 3: If you don’t already have a leather bomber jacket the thrift shop will be a great place to visit. If you can’t find one their most stores do have the style you would need, but definitely not at a budget.

Step 4: Again you probably have the brown loafers or can find them at a thrift store.

Once you have all the parts you will be dressed as Benjamin Button and ready to party.

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