How to Be the Meal at Thanksgiving- The Dinner Plate Costume!

Every Holiday can offer us some wonderful chances for dressing up in costumes, and Thanksgiving is no different. If you are ready to wow your costume party friends, then be the meal with our Dinner Plate Costume. Your “_ìdinner implements”¬ù will hang from the front of a shirt or sweatshirt, so find one large enough to fit comfortably as well as hold the different items.

##Materials Needed##

* White Cotton

* Cardboard

* Blue Fabric

* Wire

* Brown Fabric

* Tan Fabric

* Yellow Fabric

* Red Fabric

* Orange Fabric

* Fabric paint in brown, yellow, and red colors

* Safety pins; glue

* Small styrofoam balls or wooden beads


Step 1: Fashion a “_ìdinner plate”¬ù out of wire bent into a round or square shape and covered with blue or another color fabric.

Step 2: Lay the plate on a flat surface so that you can attach the “ìfood”¬ù as you create it. Use cotton balls to make “ìmashed potatoes”¬ù. Dip a small portion of each cotton in brown fabric paint to represent “_ìgravy”¬ù, then attach the cotton balls to the plate with glue.

Step 3: Cut pieces of cardboard into various size oval shapes to resemble slices of turkey. Cover them with tan fabric and drizzle a little brown fabric on them to resemble the gravy. Don’t forget to cut two pieces in the shape of drumsticks. Attach these to the plate with glue.

Step 4: Fashion cranberries out of small pieces of orange fabric. You may wish to glue the fabric onto small round styrofoam balls or wooden beads. You can also cover small cardboard circles (about 1″¬ù in diameter with orange fabric to resemble cranberry sauce. Attach them to your plate with glue.

Step 5: Cover pieces of cardboard that have been cut into squares or ovals to resemble candied yams. Attach them to your plate with the glue.

Step 6: Use brown fabric paint to paint corn kernels on pieces of yellow fabric that has been cut into either 2″¬ù to 3″¬ù squares or long, narrow oval shapes to resemble corn on the cob. Then attach the fabric to cardboard that has been cut in the appropriate lengths.

Step 7: Glue yellow and brown fabric onto small styrofoam balls or wooden beads. Alternate them in no particular order or pattern to resemble stuffing.

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