How To Be Harley Quinn

If your older daughter wants to go dressed as Harley Quinn (her name is a play on the word “ìharlequin”¬ù), then that is exactly the type of costume she will wear. You may know a harlequin as a “ìcourt jester”¬ù; they’re the same, so now you have a picture in your mind. The costume is easy to put together, requiring little, if any, sewing.

Items Needed:

A white body suit (white tights and a white leotard will work also)

Red and black material OR red and black fabric paint

White material

One red sock, one black sock

One red ballet slipper, one black ballet slipper (you can also use white or beige ballet slippers and use tempera paint to color one red and one black)

Black toboggan

Construction paper or craft foam.


Decide first if you are going to use fabric paint or material to decorate the body suit or leotard and tights.

Fold the garment in half by bringing the sides together to find the middle of the garment. Mark that spot, because you want one side to be red, and the other side to be black.

a. If you’re using material, cover the upper half of the body suit, front and back, or the entire leotard, front and back in material. Remember to make one side red, the other side black.

b. If you’re using fabric paint, you will need to paint one-half of the body suit or leotard, front and back, red and the other half black.

Do the same for the tights. Before you do, though, if you are wearing a leotard, lay it flat on top of the tights so that you can see which side will be red and which side will be black when you put it on. THEN, paint or cover the tight legs so that the RED leg will be on the BLACK side and the BLACK leg will be on the RED side when you put the costume on.

Make the white collar. Cut a round piece of white material large enough to slip over the wearer’s head. Then cut the material to resemble flower petals. The material should not hang below the top of the shoulders.

Make the cap. Roll two socks up into tight balls, and slip them separately into each sock. Leave a little space in between them. Attach the red sock to one side of the toboggan (you can use pins to do this) and the black sock to the other side of the toboggan. Make two small pom-poms (you can use the red and black material, or the white material.) Attach a pom pom to the end of each sock.

Cut a simple eyeglass-shaped mask from the construction paper or craft foam. Punch two holes in each end and use a piece of ribbon or elastic for the tie

Now, you’re ready to put the costume on. If you used a body suit, you simply slip it on. Put the red ballet slipper on the foot that is on the black side of the suit, and the black slipper on the other side.

a. If you used a leotard, remember to slip on the tights so that the red tight is on the black side and the black tight is on the red side. (See #3.) Do the same for the ballet slippers (red on black side, black on red side.)

Slip on the toboggan and the costume is ready to go.

photo credit: nathaninsandiego on Flickr

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