How to be a Spy in 5 minutes

It’s really quite simple. Spies do not generally go walking around with all their gadgets hanging out… πŸ˜› So it’s not too hard to come up with a Spy costume fairly quickly.

~Required< slacks or other slightly dressy trousers,

a fairly nice blouse, and a Sport coat or leather “motorcycle” jacket, minus the fringe.

Shiny or black sunglasses.

Optional< if you have any gadget looking things, (i.e. cordless earpiece, cool looking watch, small tools, flashlights, etc) then try rigging a belt to hold them on, without showing through the jacket. I’ve found that webbed belts, such as they sell at Military Surplus, work quite well, but it can be rather dificult to find black… also, a camera of some type, preferably small or one that can be camouflaged to blend in with you’r outfit.

I’ll relate briefly what’s in my ensemble, in case people have dificulty understanding what I said.

I wear a pair of regular blue slacks, a matching blue turtleneck (for the winter outfit, which is when most costume parties are held…) a webbed black belt with a plastic “plug-in” buckle, which is handy for quick release in case of neccessity (lol), to which I have attached webbed holders for a flashlight, Supertool, handcuffs(toy), miniature allan wrenches, and a set of “computer” screwdrivers, which are so small that one of them could fit into the same space as the bone in you’r finger. πŸ˜› On top of all this I generally wear a sport coat if “in public”, or if I’m italics_trying_italics to look like a Spy in the middle of action, I leave it in my Astin Martin parked outside for a quick get away. jk! but I wish… πŸ˜›

Have fun Spying!!! (And don’t forget, “Bond” has changed 6 times already…. you can always make you’r own variation of costume!!!)

PS as far as weapons, most toy stores have evrything you’ll need… πŸ˜‰ even if you have to paint a squirtgun black…

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