Hop into your Easter Bunny Costume!

What does Easter mean to you? In light of the commercial implications of Easter and other holidays it is a fair question to ask. Easter is supposed to be the mark of Jesus’ resurrection in Catholicism. However, in recent years we have spent less time on the religious aspects of the holiday and more on the fictional aspects. Most children celebrate an Easter Bunny who arrives early in the morning to hide easter eggs filled with candy, jelly beans, and even real eggs.

Those who still believe in the religious holiday often attend mass in the morning, and sometimes all day depending on their devotion. In the early afternoon a meal celebrating Jesus and the holiday of Easter are provided. Typically the meal consists of a holiday ham, summer pasta salads, fruit salads, and dessert.

Others who celebrate the holiday may decide on a B-B-Que meal with hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie dishes, and other picnic foods. Most people who still celebrate the holiday find it is a time to be with family and friends for games, fun, and social networking. The added benefit of finding Easter eggs and other treats like chocolate make it even better.

This year if you are less for the religious holiday and more for a party atmosphere you might consider a costume party complete with an Easter Bunny costume. You could also choose a duck costume with bunny ears if you want to take a part from the Cadbury Commercial. It’s definitely not too late to get your costumes or party started since you have until April 4th, 2010. That is a week from today, so you shouldn’t dilly dally to get the plans in the works, but you do not have to panic just yet.

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