Hollywood Layers on the New Releases for November

Every year there are two times when millions of people head to the movie theatres. Summer is always going to have big box office hits. This is when the students are out of school and looking for something to entertain them. The second time of year is November through December. There are plenty of holidays to share with family and see a movie, and of course in December there is at least one or two weeks where students are out of school.

This year Hollywood has definitely layered on the movies for November. You have several different topics to choose from like the end of the earth, children’s tales, and much more. Coming out November 6th, 2009 is the Box, Disney’s A Christmas Carol, The Fourth Kind, Men Who Stare at Goats, and Precious. The best costumes we can devise out of this set of movies would be from Disney’s A Christmas Carol. You have Scrooge costumes and Tiny Tim Costumes to go for. Although if you truly want to have some fun The Men Who Stare at Goats could offer some great costume ideas. Consider walking around in a goat costume with a sign that says “I’ve been stared to sleep!”¬ù Of course you can choose anything really, even having a military costume with a stuffed goat under your arm might be apropos.

The fun will not stop with today either. On November 13th plenty of other movies are to be released. There is 2012, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pirate Radio, Dare, The Messenger, Oh My God, Uncertainty, and Women in Trouble. The biggest hit for costumes in this lot will be the Fantastic Mr. Fox. He is definitely a perfect Fox costume that offers humanistic qualities. For this you would need a fox costume like a mascot and even a Mrs. Fox.

November 20th, 2009 is what many have been waiting for. Twilight Saga: New Moon will be hitting theatres on this day. Already there have been a few vampires walking around in the last month, and now a plethora of vampire costumes might once again show up. But, Twilight is not the only movie to be offering us something a little fun for an upcoming costume party. Planet 51 brings Aliens of a different look to us. This time humans are again invading Alien lands with voices from The Rock and Jessica Biel adding to the hit. As the month continues we have Ninja Assassin, Old Dogs, and yet another Disney hit. This time children with November 25th birthdays will need a Princess costume and a Frog costume for The Princess and the Frog animated classic. This one has a new spin with it set in New Orleans!

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