Holiday Box Office Smashes with Great Costumes

Hollywood has recreated Sherlock Holmes in an amazingly good and funny film, called simply, Sherlock Holmes. This 19th century tale takes us back to the times of gas lamps and the gloomy streets of London with a British winter slowly making its approach.

The film starred Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, and Mark Strong. These are four actors came together to offer the brilliant deductions of Sherlock Holmes in a mysterious, yet unearthly plot. How could Lord Blackwood survive a hanging? How will Sherlock Holmes solve this caper? All of these questions were whirling around in my mind as I watched this blockbuster movie during holiday week.

There were essences of the plot that were fairly thin, such as Rachel McAdams character Irene Adler. It was pretty easy to see that she was using Sherlock Holmes right from the start and up until the end. Yet, the characters worked well to create an interesting tale.

When Sherlock Holmes opened it was in second place against Avatar, but quickly lost to third during Christmas week with Alvin and the Chipmunks pulling in the children. Still the $145 million made in ten days is nothing to sniff at. This hit is sure to break the $200 million mark in the next few weeks, as word gets out about the great acting, interesting tale, and wonderful costumes. Perhaps the plot had a few week spots, but as a movie lover I will definitely have to own this one.

The Sherlock Holmes costumes were most inventive, adding a few new twists to the overall movie. Instead of the plaid jacket and matching hat, we saw a black bowler hat, shorter black dress coat, and a roughened appearance to the character. In one scene of the movie you have the formal dinner ware with neatly done neckcloth, buttoned shirt, and at other times it was the boxing look with just an undershirt, suspenders and knit pants.

Sherlock was not the only one to have a great costume in the movie. Irene Adler had stunning dresses and faux jewelry to add to it. The dresses were perfect for the Victorian costume requirements. Long skirted dresses, with ruffled rear, and form fitting top, all connected to some magnificent hairstyles.

Sherlock Holmes was not the only movie to offer us some great costumes for the end of 2009. As the new year begins, Avatar costumes will surely be a hit with parties. Who wouldn’t want to try recreating the purple figures with faerie like faces of the Avatars? It may just be that 2009 popular costumes continue in 2010 making less room for the newer hits!

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