History is Hot!

Far removed from the stodgy wood-paneled libraries of droning, overly academic texts, history is suddenly hot! Cable networks like HBO and Showtime have seized upon the more sensational or even just plain human aspects of historical figures and turned their life stories into hit programming. Suddenly, history is hot!

With historical figures becoming so popular, there are tons of costuming options that will undoubtedly be recognized by not just history buffs, but television aficionados, too!

In the past week, HBO has started running a mini-series on the life of John Adams and the Revolutionary War. Dress as any of the fascinating figures of the time period with a John Adams costume or an colonial woman Abigail Adams gown. Become the life of the (Boston Tea) Party with a Ben Franklin costume, paying homage to the inventor, humorist, and statesman.

Another popular show on Showtime is “The Tudors,” following the intrigue of the early days of Henry the Eighth. We’re not talking the portly monarch usually seen with a surgically grafted over sized turkey leg in his hand and/or mouth, either. This was the saucy Henry the Eighth, barely on his first marriage and racking up several notches on his royal bedpost with the ladies of the court. Chronicling the same period and same subject matter from the feminine perspective is the recently released film, “The Other Boleyn Girl” starring Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansen, and Eric Bana, based on the novel by Phillipa Gregory. Create your own courtly intrigue with an ornate Anne Boleyn costume or some Tudor-inspired hats complimenting your Henry the Eighth costume.

Who says learning from history can’t be fun?!

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