Okay, I’m going as Luna in her uniform

Things I have:

Wand from

Radish earrings and cork necklace

White collared dress shirt

Ravenclaw tie from the Warner Bros. shop

Black dress pants

Spectra specs/spectrespecs, however you want to spell it (her crazy glasses)

Sweater (like the one she wears when they’re practicing with the DA)

Things I need:




I need help finding a good wig, choosing whether i should wear robes or not, and for my shoes, should I wear mary janes or converse? Because in the OOTP when she loses her shoes they’re those brightly coloured converse, but in HBP she wears mary janes. I was thinking of going for this wig:

It’s a little curlier than described, but i can probably brush it out a little?

What do you guys think?

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