As oppressive, maniacal and psychotic as Kim Jong Il is, he is one silly-looking little schlub. His style influences an entire country (mostly because fashion resistance results in death). Soon, the WHOLE WORLD will rock the short fro/80’s rappers glasses/canvas onesie. At least that’s what he must be thinking in his wormy, toady brain.

Don’t remain ronery! Be Kim Jong Il this Halloween and you too can walk around and look at things! This package includes our official Kim Jong Il hair and his glasses.


What happens when a dictator wins absolute power and isolates a nation from the outside world? In a nightmare of political theory stretched to madness and come to life, North Korea's Kim Jong Il made ...
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Comical and bizarre, "Kim Jong Il Looking at Things" is based upon one of the most followed, shared and imitated monothematic Tumblr blogs in recent years. Created by Joao Rocha, an art director at an...
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Documents the North Korean dictator's 1978 kidnapping of a South Korean actress and her filmmaker ex-husband, describing how they were imprisoned, forced to remarry, and compelled to make films for th...
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