Headless Woman

This is a really simple costume. I started with a rolling backpack, the kind that has the handle that extends. I cut away most of the backpack except the shoulder straps and the handle. From there I extended the handle and taped it in place. Two wire hangers were wrapped around the handle to make the shoulders. I used large bubble wrap to fill in the torso part. The one arm with the black glove is a pool noodle. I used some spray foam (in can, bought at hardware store) to spray inside of the black turtle neck and around the wire hangers to create the shoulders. This expands and hardens as it dries. I also used that to fill in the black glove to look like a hand. I bought the dress and turtleneck at a resale store (two sizes larger than my regular size).

I cut a hole in the front of the dress to put my head thru. Once I had the correct position, I stitched the fake arm to the dress to make it look like my head is being held. I cut a hole on the other side of the dress to put my arm thru and cut a hole in the sleeve on that side as well so my arm looked like it was coming out the sleeve.

The neck was actually a roll of papertowels cut in half and fitted in the neck of the turtleneck shirt. I put some sprayfoam on top of it to make it look ‘severed’ and then put a knee high nylon over it to keep it in place. I sprayed that with red paint to get the blood effect.

This costume was easy, cheap and lightweight (although it didn’t look like it). It was easy to put on and take off, just like taking off a backpack.

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