Headless Harry Potter

Over the years my son has received numerous comments on his resemblance to Harry Potter. Unfortunately, he has never wanted to be him for Halloween because it wasn’t scary or cool enough. Well, this year we came up with a way to solve those problems! We started with a rolling backpack, extended the handle and attached a hanger to the top. The neck was made from a plastic food container that was painted and attached to the hanger. We hung a shirt on the hanger and stuffed it to make a body, added the sweater vest, tie and robe to complete it. The jar is from Sam’s Club and was originally filled with cheese balls. The hands were from Halloween decorations. After adding the glasses and wand, Harry was now complete! (Well, not exactly complete since he is missing his head!) He simply strapped on the backpack, put his head in the jar, closed the robe under his neck, and off he went. His costume was a hit everywhere he went although it scared quite a few little kiddos!

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