Harry Potter Tie

About Harry Potter Tie

Wizards and Muggles live side by side in England. A hidden entrance in London takes those with magical abilities to their hidden city, a place where magic can be performed for menial tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the house, and even moving from one location to the next. Harry Potter, “The Boy Who Lived,” was one who did not know of his powers until his eleventh birthday. It was then he was told who he was and who he was expected to be. JK Rowling is the creator of the Harry Potter series, which includes 7 books. A Harry Potter tie is an article of clothing used as part of the costume for the characters of the books. There are four houses at Hogwarts School of Wizardry: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Each house has their own colors, and symbols, which determines the style of the Harry Potter tie.

Dressing up as Harry Potter tie

A Harry Potter costume has a few articles of clothing to create it. Along with the Harry Potter tie one needs Harry Potter Robe, school books, a broomstick, and wand. Depending on the Harry Potter character you wish to be some of these items may change. To begin the Harry Potter tie for Hufflepuff will be yellow and black. Anyone who is assigned to the Hufflepuff House will need this tie with its Hufflepuff Crest with the badger. Any Harry Potter tie would go well with the matching Harry Potter scarf. Slytherins tie is green and silver with the Snake as the mascot. Ravenclaw is blue and grey with the Eagle mascot. Gryffindor’s tie works best for Hermione, Ron, and Harry. It is a red and yellow tie featuring the lion mascot.

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