Hancock the movie… what about the costume?

Hancock came out this week end, already sparked $18.8 on Friday alone. The movie is expected to make over $100M in movie theater sales within the first 5 and half days, not bad at all, that would be the 12th movie for Will Smith to growth over $100M…wow.

Since this is a super hero and a really big blockbuster movie, the next thing we care about is getting the costume for Halloween! It pretty much happens for any BIG movie, like Indiana Jones for instance: the Indiana Jones costumes and accessories were finally launch several weeks back, on the other hand, we’re still very much awaiting for the Sweeney Todd costume to be available at the stores…

But, in this particular case, and because we’re in early July, i do not think we’ll see the costume on the store shelves for this Halloween. The Hancock costume reminds me a bit of the Batman costume, the design leans more towards the new Dark Knight costume actually. Well not exactly, you’re right 🙂

Ok, more seriously I gotta help out right? I think you can go to the nearest motorcycle store to grab a leather jacket (I found this motorcycle jacket online in a few minutes, looks like a good match) AND you also need a pair of motorcycle boots like these:

Then aim at a the nearest mall to get some cheap sunglasses like those Dior:

dior sunglasses hancock

OR, you can choose to dress up as the “other” Hancock, the drunk Hancock bum:

hancock drunk bum

… and i strongly believe you can put this costume together on your own 🙂

If you were still wondering if the Hancock costume was right for you, i can assure you that women seem to like it… Well, i guess Will Smith’s spouse does! I read this article where Will said the following with regards to his Wife’s appreciation for the costume:

“I took the suit home and my wife and I use it sometimes. Just around the house. It’s great.”


Ladies , what do you think?

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