Halo Master Chief Costume…NOT!

I know, I know. B-e-l-i-e-v-e me, you’re not the only one who’s asking about a master chief costume. Problem is, there is none available online. Ok, let me take this back, there is, but if you are not ready to spend over $1,000 for it on eBay, you won’t get one. Seriously, who can afford it huh?

The really strange thing is that, not ONE online costume retailer has come up with a master chief costume this year.

So why’s that? Well, as someone told me recently, it could be a trademark or copyright issue. Halo, the game, is owned by Microsoft, and they are not really flexible when it comes to using for their product names for commercial purposes.

Could be that, could be something else. In any case, the Halo 3 game sold for $170M in the first day, and that’s a lot of games… That means there is a pretty big number of Halo fanatics out there who wouldn’t want anything else for Halloween than dressing up as their favorite gaming character…but yeah, sorry, there is no costume. Arghhhh!

So, what can we do? I think there is not much to do, just wait for someone really smart to look into the opportunity and make something happen…fast hopefully. I guess we can voice our opinions out and make sure someone hears us, so you can start by talking about it on forums, blogs, websites, so hopefully someone can come forward to explain why in Hell nobody has mass created a Master Chief costume for Halloween!

Thanks for helping us out, remember to link back to this post so people can comment and voice their opinion.

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