Halloween II: The Return of Michael Myers Costumes

The horror is returning to film with the classic Halloween plot. John Carpenter created Halloween in 1978, and Hollywood keeps bringing back the concept. Halloween was set in a suburban town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The bad guy was Michael Myers, someone bent on killing everyone, especially Jamie Lee Curtis’ character. In the original Myers was killing teenagers once he broke out of a psychiatric ward of the local hospital. In 2007

Halloween returned to the screen as a remake or reimagining. It was produced and directed by Rob Zombie.

As with the original film the latest instalment is going to be a remake. Halloween II which is set to release on August 282009 will be a remake of the original sequel. The plot will take us right back to where the first film left off. Laurie is taken to the hospital after supposedly killing the person responsible for the deaths in Haddonfield. Unfortunately Michael Myers is still out there.

He is still very dangerous and even though he tried to have a reunion with his baby sister things didn’t work out for him. Instead Laurie is removed and now Michael is trying to find her all over again. He is pretty close to the hospital as he begins his Halloween rampage again. The overall idea is that Michael wants his sister all to himself.

You will have to wait and see how Rob Zombie takes this sequel for only a few more weeks. Will the sequel be as captivating as the first movie? Can Rob Zombie come close to the original directed by Wes Craven? You be the judge as you pick up your Michael Myers costume for the movie. The white mask is back with the dark and deadly black shirts and pants. Don’t forget your fake knife as you head out to scare everyone at the theatre.

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