Halloween Facts: You Can Feel Safe in Your Ghoul Costume!

Halloween dates back to the time of Celtic rituals, which means it has been a holiday for thousands of years. With such long traditions it is no wonder why each year we still feel excitement about the one day we can be anything we want to be. The Celts had their own symbols of Halloween that have slowly turned into witches, ghosts, devils, and hobgoblins. Many of the customs and rituals have changed dramatically since the early times. Today young or old we head out to celebrate with a light heart. Many go door to door wearing scary, funny, adorable, or interesting costumes asking for treats. Those, who no longer trick or treat, go to parties or haunted houses to get a little scare in life!

As Halloween draws near we will hear about popular costumes, like Harry Potter costumes or Disney costumes. Unicef boxes will be carried by millions that collect a little money and a little candy to help out. Costume contests judging the best Green Goblin costume against the best Sexy Nurse costume will be held. But, all of this is overshadowed by doubt. Safety concerns are discussed on local news stations. Warnings about parent’s checking the candy before their children eat it will reach our ears. Tales of child abductions will be rehashed as the warnings run rampant.

But this year perhaps a little something different is needed. Last year an estimated 36 million children ages five to thirteen were out trick or treating in the United States. That is up by 65,000 from 2007. There were 111.4 million houses occupied in 2008 all potential homes for trick or treaters. 93 percent of the individuals polled stated they felt safe in their neighborhoods to knock on doors. 78 percent said there was no place within a mile of their homes where they didn’t feel safe walking.

On the whole the American public is confident about letting their children trick or treat. So, while caution is appropriate it doesn’t have to ruin anyone’s fun. The United States is filled with Americans who enjoy seeing the interesting costumes like ghoul costumes or vampire costumes and rewarding the effort with treats. You still have a few weeks to prepare for Halloween, getting candy, as well as finding the right costume.

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