Halloween costumes to Avoid for Halloween 2011

1.Zombie Steve Jobs

Why It Won’t Work: Yes, this one is in poor taste. You’re sure to hear “Too Soon!” and get baited into an argument with the nearest pro-business, capitalist Apple fan boy.

2.Occupy Wall Street Protester Why It Won’t Work: Much has been made of the diversity of the movement, which could work in your favor. Still, it’s a bit too, um, serious to really pull off. Plus, the moment you knock over the punch bowl with your “WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT” sign, you’ve killed any chance of making new friends.

3.Nude Scarlett Johansson Why It Won’t Work: There are two options for this one: Go naked (depending on the party, you may be the big hit) or in a flesh colored body suit and do that pose.

‚Äã4.Member of a Mexican Drug Cartel Why It Won’t Work: It’s not really a costume. The only way this could work is if you carry around a decapitated head, then explain that it’s the local sheriff.

5.A Lysteria Covered Cantaloupe Why It Won’t Work: Dressing as a melon of any sort for Halloween is typically a great idea (think of the jokes!) but having to explain that you’re not just a cantaloupe, but you are a poison cantaloupe, seems like a bit of a stretch. And no one will want to touch you, leaving you the lonely cantaloupe person in the corner.

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