Goldman Sachs Fraud Costume: A Play on Words!

Are you looking for a different costume for your next costume party? It seems that just about anything can be made into a costume lately. After all, we have Bernie Madoff costumes, Kate Gosselin costumes, and now you too could have a Goldman Sachs costume!

Friday April 16, 2010 has created quite a stir when it comes to Wall Street and Fraud. The SEC announced they would be charging Goldman Sachs with fraud regarding their treatment of mortgages. It is even surmised that the large bank was ultimately responsible for some of the downfall in the subprime mortgage industry. With a whirlwind of news regarding Goldman Sachs and a sense of humor I’ve come up with two costumes you might consider for your next costume party.

The first idea is the Golden Sack, which is simply a toga like costume all decked out in gold fabric that can reflect a “sach.”¬ù So with a little play on words you can be Goldman Sachs at the costume party with your golden toga costume!

If this doesn’t suit you try out our other costume idea: The Goldman Bombshell. Again you would require a gold fabric costume, only this time you can create a rounded bomb using some bunting to get it in a “bomb”¬ù shape. With a little wick at the top for a hat you will have a golden bomb. You might want to add a little “tick tock”¬ù and Goldman Sachs lettering to the fabric, as you warn everyone that you’re about to go “Boom!”¬ù

While it may not be funny to realize a chairman of Goldman Sachs wrote an email detailing the fall he suspected and that he would be the only one left standing- it helps to laugh with a costume idea or two. The last couple of years have been difficult for many and to realize one company was making it their goal to fraud others it’s better to make light of a situation than to be angrier.

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