Getting into the role

i first started a few years back trying to get into the 501st legion, ened up spending a load of money on my Revan Costume but it was worth it.

i spent a few years in the 501st before retiring from my position as sith lord. Revan is a complex character to play, because very little is Known about him compared to the other sith lords, more noteable darth Sidious, darth Vader, and darth maul.

i began to retrace my steps and found out that i am pretty good at making cheap costumes look professional, after looking at previous halloweens, not to say that my Revan Costume was cheap, because believe me it wasn’t.

i used some of my networks to get word out to some of my costume building friends and began to think of things to make the firs thing i made was the Jason Costume out of a flannel shirt, a jacket, and some some standard worn out pants, it worked pretty well for a while till i hit a snag. the snag was that everyone knew Jason and wasn’t a big hit, no one wanted pictures because there was so many people dressing as him. so i began to make my own custome costumes, if you look at my post Umbrella Corp. Special Forces Soldier.

Now me and my girlfriend make costumes last dragoncon she went as Harley Quinn, and i went as the punisher but there was just way to many Punishers up there and way to many DC Comics Characters.

So i decided to go as Umbrella Corp. Spec.Ops Soldier, this time i have three friends going as zombies.

i look forward to next years dragon con, expect some photos from there, plus expect some photos of my new costume.

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