Gearing Up For Thanksgiving with Costumes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; well okay it is November 26th, 2009. Still the holiday will be here before you know it and if you are not ready with a costume you might just miss out on all the fun. Who says you have to just dress up in costumes at Halloween. Sure most of the Thanksgiving costumes are worn by children for their school pageants, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun too.

This year instead of the traditional holiday where you wear regular clothes consider spicing it up with some great Thanksgiving costumes. You have the pilgrim costume and the Native American costume, or you could go for something a little more fun.

We ran into a great Thanksgiving Turkey Costume for an infant. This costume is designed as a bunting in which the turkey body fits over the infant and leaves the head sticking out. For adults there are plenty of other ideas such as combing your favorite costume with a Thanksgiving component. If you want to go really grand consider a Mayflower costume. After all you have to get to the party somehow right?

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