Gear up for Armed Forces Day with Your Favorite Military Costume

Armed Forces Day is celebrated in several nations, and is similar the US Veterans Day. Even though we have Veterans Day we also celebrate Armed Forces Day in the United States. On the 3rd Saturday of every May we celebrate the military. Armed Forces Day was first established in 1949. During this year the military became the Department of Defense, which oversees all military branches such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. Each military service does have their own day of celebration, as well as this one day where all can be celebrated.

This day of observance has lost some of the celebratory power it first had. The very first Armed Forces Day was met with parades, receptions, air shows, and open houses. Today there is little mention of the holiday in the news media or even on our yearly calendar. In fact you can look at one calendar and find the day blank, while another makes certain we remember our military branches.

Take pride in your country, the men and women who are serving, and show their families support. You might not agree about the deployment of our troops, you may not even agree with Bush and his tactics, but all that does not matter. Whether you agree or not: what matters is that our troops our fighting, some losing their lives, all because they do believe in our country and in protecting their families and ours.

Observe Armed Forces Day with a costume party. Choose your favorite military costume from the five military branches. You can choose from a wide range of Navy costumes. Perhaps you wish to take a page from 1949 with the traditional Admiral costume or maybe you want to go further back to when the Navy first began.

You may be more interested in the Army costumes available. Consider creating your own Army costume with a how to idea. Instead of purchasing the costume you can make one with your own budget, ensuring that it has your name or the name of someone who serves on it.

By decorating your home inside and outside, as well as inviting all military branches into your home for the day you can have a wonderful party. A Marine costume might be just the right touch or a fighter pilot costume.

Uniting the different branches of the military at your costume party will show the cohesiveness of the United States. We were created on independence and forming a nation that could have different viewpoints, yet still co-exist. Your costume party can be more than just showing your support with coast guard costumes or other military branches.

If you truly want to honor those who stand up for us, contemplate the DOD Costume Party (Department of Donations)!! Not only do you get to support the military, but you can also donate toys, clothing, or other items to help families and the troops.

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