Freddy Costume…and Miss Krueger as well!

Wow, that is super cool, you guys are going to like that one!

You all know Freddy Krueger, from the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movies, right, movies cause there were 7 total…

Remember it, boy, I am sure we all checked twice under the bed and the nearest closest before going to bed after watching these freaky movies.

The Freddy costumes are pretty popular around Halloween, a classic for sure, the claws, the burnt face mask, the red and gray stripped t-shirt, the hat, you’ve seen it too…but here is something you haven’t yet!

This year, if you are looking for a horror couple costume idea, original, scary but sexy, go with the Freddy and, Miss Freddy Krueger costumes!

Yes, there is finally an outfit which, you “Madame”, can wear this Halloween to match your partner who, every-year-after-year, wants to dress up as Freddy… And you will finally not look out of sync anymore! And you won’t have to dress up anymore as Nancy Thompson in pajamas 🙂

There might be a limited stock of those Miss Krueger costumes, so don’t wait too long!

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