Flesh of the Zombie

Homemade with goodwill clothes which I distressed and painted to age and gorify, latex prosthetics for my face, contacts for my eyes and lots of blood and gel for my face and hair. Hands were hand painted latex and with blood designed to look rotten and decomposing. A lot of fun, scared most every person I snuck up on, and a few people couldn’t even look at me at all, and turned away or ran! LOL!!!

3dRose Zombie eat flesh, Travel Mug, 14oz, Stainless Steel
Brand: 3dRoseMerchant: Walmart US
This product includes one tube of zombie flesh makeup.
DEAD NATIONS' ARMY CODE FLESH A New World Order is now in place. ruling the planet. one that the populace allowed to get out of control. The elite government officials, the most wealthy persons, those...
Merchant: Walmart US
A Quick Bite of Flesh is an outstanding collection of 54 bite-sized tales of zombie goodness. Stories of terror, sadness, adventure, revenge and betrayal. Whether you like your zombie stories terrifyi...
Merchant: Walmart US
The Midnight Horror Collection: Flesh Eating Zombies" includes "Last Of The Living", "Grave Mistake", "Awaken The Dead" and "I Am Omega". "Last Of The Living": After a deadly virus has turned humankin...
Brand: PlatinumMerchant: Walmart US
Show a little flesh this Halloween, decaying flesh that is! Add the Zombie Gory Flesh Makeup to give your costume a nice gory look! Don't stop there, purchase one of our great Zombie Makeup Kits as we...
Flesh Eater Zombie Makeup Kit
Join the zombie apocalypse with our Zombie Flesh. This item comes with an applicator sponge and a one fluid ounce bottle of liquid latex to give your undead look just the right amount of rotting flesh...
Made of stainless steel. Capacity: 21oz2 twist on caps - 1 easy-flow drinking spout and 1 standard cap. Carabineer clip also included. Custom printed high gloss image sublimated directly to white glos...
Brand: 3dRoseMerchant: Walmart US
The Gorefather (Limited Zombie Flesh Vinyl) (LP) - VINYL

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