First Look at Saw V!

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without… Saw! That’s right.

Every year for the past 4 years, we’ve been ‘invited’ to watch of one of the most scary series of movies of all time named Saw, directed by a team of incredible producers (James Wan and Darren Lynn Bousman and David Hackl).

I love Saw, well you read this blog, you know that already, I have talked about it here, here and here 🙂

The Saw costumes, including the puppet and pig masks, are probably some of the coolest scary costumes out there.

Well, Saw V is coming up (release date 24 October 2008) and i just got my hands on that awesome poster preview you can see on the left hand side. It portraits someone (Agent Strahm?) wearing Jigsaw/John Kramer’s skinned face… Wow, talk about a great horror mask idea huh!? A skinned face mask!

Anyway, here is the plot from IMDb:

“Almost everyone brought in to try and solve the Jigsaw mystery has died or been injured. With John’s dead body in the hospital, Officer Rigg badly injured and still in the warehouse, Agent Perez recovering in the hospital, and Agent Straum nowhere to be found, that leaves one. On hearing the news that Jigsaw’s games will continue after his death, Detective Hoffman has disappeared, and a whole new game is about to start.”

And it’s looking REAL good!

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